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The Lido of Venice

The Lido of Venice is a long strip of land that separates the Adriatic Sea from the Venice lagoon known worldwide for having hosted the elite of international tourism at the beginning of the century, with its large hotels, liberty villas, the renowned sandy beaches, the Golf Club and the Nicelli airport.
It is bordered at its ends by 2 long breakwaters that now house the MOSE project, a bulwark in defense of Venice from high water and borders the Isola di Pellestrina on one side and Punta Sabbioni / Jesolo on the other which are instead located on the mainland.
It is connected to the mainland by a public line service for the transport of both people and vehicles, given that the Lido you can also travel by car even if the ideal means of transport is the bicycle which allows you to explore the island along the magnificent and shady tree-lined avenues.
From the center of the island, Piazzale Santa Maria Elisabetta, it is then possible to reach Piazza San Ma rco in about 10 minutes by vaporetto, the typical boat of the lagoon public transport.

The beach of Venice

Lido of Venice has always been known as the beach of Venice, renowned all over the world for its golden sand and calm, shallow waters, ideal for families with children.
The beaches offer all the services and facilities comfort to complete the seaside tourist offer. Hotel Villa Mabpa offers its guests a private beach that can also be reached on foot in a few minutes from the hotel.
For animal lovers, "Bau Beach", the beach specially equipped to host in safety and freedom, should be mentioned. your favorite animals.

The Alberoni Golf Club

The origins of the Alberoni Golf Club also date back to the early 1900s and it seems to have been created by the managers of the large hotels of the time to satisfy the requests of the rich clientele eager to indulge in their favorite sport, Golf.
It should be noted that it was the site of the historic meeting between Hitler and Mussolini which marked the iron pact between fascist Italy and Hitler Germany.
Today Golf Clun Alberoni is one of the best known and most appreciated golf courses in the European both for the technicality of its 18-hole course and for the beauty of the places immersed between the sea and the lagoon, and for the delicacies of its restaurant.

Nicelli airport

Built at the beginning of the last century, it was one of the first Italian airports, a true architectural monument by the architect Santabarbara.
Located in the northern part of the island, a few minutes from the Hotel Villa Mabapa, it was the headquarters from which the first Italian airliner took off linking Venice with Vienna.
In the 1950s the headquarters were moved to Tessera where the Marco Polo International Airport is now located. Currently, the airport hosts a lively tourist aircraft traffic and is popular with many pilots for its grass runway.
Inside there is one of the most renowned fish restaurants on the island.

International exhibition of cinematographic art

The Mostra Internazionale d'Arte Cinematografica is the film festival that takes place annually in Venice, Italy, in the historic Palazzo del Cinema on the Marconi seafront in the central part of the Lido of Venice.
It takes place every year since 1932 in the 10 days of September and transforms the whole island into a living catwalk with the stars of international cinema, parties and events organized by the manufacturers.