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About the Access Fee

With Access Fee we refer to the fee, introduced by the Municipality of Venice, which must be paid by occasional visitors, on some specific days in 2024, to be able to access the ancient city of Venice.

2024: The Calendar Days

The days in 2024 on which the access fee will be due, from 8.30am to 4.00pm, are indicated in the calendar alongside.

Visitors exempt from the contribution

This contribution does not apply to visitors who have a reservation in an accommodation facility located within the municipality of Venice.

Registration has no cost but must necessarily be carried out in order to avoid sanctions in the event of an inspection.

To register and request exemption from the entry ticket, follow the procedure at the following link: website https ://

Clients of the Hotel Villa Mabapa, when filling out the form with the requested personal information, must indicate the following reference associated with our hotel: HOTEL VILLA MABAPA/PRADEL [RIVIERA SAN NICOLO',16] - cod.1012312

At the end of the procedure, the codes to be shown in the event of an inspection will be generated